Retracing My Steps

Fresh from the old stomping grounds, incapable of any complex thought or physical desire. And while we seek the comfort of strangers and other inexperienced adults, you sit there in arms you just met, happy as can be, fresh from the place we try so hard to reach. We’ll teach you how to tie your shoes, how to get good grades in school, but right no you know all you need to know. I’ll give you insights but they’ll be from the perspective of a mortal that is further away from the place you just came. So don’t envy the things we giants seek, we’ll say they’re nice but ephemerality is all you’ll find. The things you can see won’t stick around and the things you want will fade with time. You don’t need to come in first, and fuck the ones who start the day with a system of ladders they climb and rank and fall with every word friends say. Stay outside and build a place where carcinogens only take you closer to the place you were mean’t to be. I’m going to stay with you some nights in hope that you’ll rub off on me, but know that I’m far from the place that you just came.


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