Everyone’s Sad ( and rambling helps)

I’ve been a recluse lately. Most people try to look happy on the outside whenever in public, which is total bullshit. No ones happy all the time. In truth everyone’s sad, including myself, I’m just aware of it. Don’t fall into the trap that most fall for every morning their eyelids peel back over their eyes and see the possibilities of a new social scene. Instead, when you wake up in the morning, watch a movie on your ceiling in the sheetrock. Pixels if you care, just without pre-dispositioned color and motion set to them. Set by the man on the tube, your neighbor’s narcissism, or your best friends “sick” new lid. (hat for those of you still with a conscience). Instead of seeing those things on your ceiling, make your own movie. Stop watching the same bloody tradgedy every mornng and instead play a comedy or a story where the hero doesn’t get his dick sucked. Because, that guy, you know who he is, he has a million brothers all with matching hats and shoes, he doesn’t understand the concept of inner peace of mind, because if he did, he’d be naked as Adam.


One response to “Everyone’s Sad ( and rambling helps)

  1. Who said happiness really existed? Everyone tries to find a great way to be happy, appreciate whatever you already have, a roof over your head, water coming out from your tiles… Like I wrote on my blog “If Edison had been content with his office being filled with candles, he probably wouldn’t have invented electricity”. Being miserable makes people do great things. Pleasure exists just like satisfaction. Happiness I’m not sure.

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